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Intelligent Charger


230Vac Input


12V nominal – suitable for charging 12V lead acid batteries


108W Capacity Unit

Choose your IC Series Intelligent Charger

Max Load Nominal Voltage Part Number Size Weight
7A 12 IC 230-12 108 185 x 87 x 45mm 850g
3A 24 IC 230-24 108 185 x 87 x 45mm 850g
17A 12 IC 230-12 240 185 x 87 x 57mm 1450g
12A 24 IC 230-24 300 185 x 87 x 57mm 1450g

Technical Data

Input voltage Range 180Vac – 270Vac (reduced output below 170Vac)
Input over voltage 285Vac
Output voltage (12V units) 13.5Vdc – 14.5Vdc according to charge cycle (STD 14.4)
Output voltage (24V units) 26.8Vdc – 29.0Vdc according to charge cycle (STD 28.8)
Power conversion efficiency Typically 88-91%
Off load current <2mA
Operating temperature -30ºC - +55ºC
Storage temperature -55ºC - +85ºC
Casework Anodised aluminium, dust, water and impact protected to IP65
Connections Input - IEC lead, Output – Flying lead
Output indicators Yellow and green LEDs according to cycle
Mounting method By 4 screws
Safe area protection: Over current Yes, current limited to maximum ratings each model
Over heat Yes, internal control to reduce output in over temperature situations
Transients Yes, protection both on input and output
Wrong polarity protection Yes, with fuse on output
Approvals EN 55022B, EN 61000, EN 6335-2-29
Markings CE 

Alfatronix (Ireland)

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